Urban weekend: Summerfest

2011 VA Highland summerfest crowds

Despite the heat, we found the main aisle of Summerfest 2011 jammed even before noon. The music was barely going (just DJ), so we concentrated on the artist booths. We made two modest purchases, then retired to the new sushi place, although we’re sad that it displaced Everybody’s Pizza, a long-time neighborhood favorite (the scuttlebutt we heard was that the landlord raised the rent to squeeze EP out). We found the sushi etc. tasty and rather more expensive than a typical sushi place around here.

Among other accomplishments today: 1) I’ve yet to take a nap; and, 2) I went through the 16K-plus pictures from the Italy trip & selected just over 250 for a quick slideshow. That’s a distillation of something like 1.6%. Amazing.

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  1. Robert & Mary Jo says:

    SUMMERFEST?! We haven’t even had spring here yet!! 2 days since May 1st over 60 degrees; May 1st and June 4!