Adventures in the flour aisle

Pasta cutting operation semolina

I moved outside of my comfort zone today. I made pasta.

I checked the three cookbooks I have with pasta recipes and figured I could use AP or cake flour, but the best would be semolina.

And the Bob’s Red Mill selection at the nearby WF did include the semolina, so that’s what I used. I dumped it on the counter and immediately got worried. The flour was not fine; it was grainy.

I added the liquids using the well method, and started working the dough. Still grainy. Then, all of a sudden it wasn’t! I was thrilled.

I just want to say, however, that if the quantity is right for Italians with three cups of flour for four people in a side dish of pasta, we need maybe one or one-and-a-half. There was w-a-y too much.

But tasty!

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