Survival is the theme

Emergency exit only AHC

Partly closed buildings exhibit unexpected signs to herd the after-hours crowd, at least around here, gently.

I confess that I read GWTW at least twice and maybe three times before I was twenty, and mostly for the racy, romantic parts. Much of the rest went right by me.

Tonight I listened to four interesting contemporary women authors discuss Scah-lett, Melanie, the guys, and Margaret’s characters in general, along with other topics related to the book, over at the Atlanta History Center, which is currently showcasing Peggy Marsh and her MS.*

Afterwards, my chauffeur took me home down Peachtree, which was the perfect cap for the evening.

* I couldn’t photograph Peggy’s desk, which would have been my choice for tonight’s visual; it’s tiny, perfect for the closet where she stored it in their small apartment in a building on Peachtree. The desk, quite properly, is front-and-center in the exhibit.

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