Stacks upgraded

Emory Woodruff Lib stacks

On my pilgrimage to the stacks over at Emory, I discovered the university had implemented a major spiffing program. Carpeting. Motorized shelves. Electrical plugs at each (new) carrel. Upscale contrasting red carpet to indicate the edge of the subway, um, er, zone of potentially moving shelves.

And over on the left….

Emory Woodruff Lib stacks lamp label

A standup desk optimized for, I’m not sure what.

I used it for taking pictures of pages that I want to skim/read later.

I did wonder if they might be planning to somehow install a treadmill and transform it into the healthiest study experience you can find in the stacks of any library in the southeastern U Ess of Eh.

Then I read the little tag on the plastic keeping the shade clean, and decided they must have a different plan.

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