Of green beans and razzle-dazzles

One green bean on oak

Whilst (how often can you toss that word into your blahg?) KW is off on early-morning walks, I have been out picking green beans. This morning I finished the row (yes, just ONE row) at 6:35, and that was late enough given the humidity/temperature combo.

Thawing raspberries from last year

Another current dietary accent is the tag end of the raspberries frozen last year—the berries are already forming for the current crop. Let’s hope this heat wave—expected to continue through the weekend—doesn’t cripple the harvest.

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  1. kayak woman says:

    My early morning walk (which was about 1/2 hour later than usual) was at Houghton Lake where it is very hot (like the rest of the Great Lake State) but a stiff breeze made it tolerable. Except when I turned toward the sun. And when the lacewing fly buzzed me for a half mile or so.