Sump pump pit with strong incoming flow

Another three(!!) inches of rainfall last night, and this baby is busy!

A couple of months ago, the water was flowing into the sump pump pit like this and the power went out. For over three days. Not fun. Not one bit of fun.

So, we are very happy that the electricity is still on, despite two nights of sometimes intense lightning.

Of course, we are also very happy that we still have power to run a houseful of fans, so we can attempt to stay sane in the heat/humidity that we air-bathe in constantly.

When I was a kid, Dad showed us the pump pit, how deep it is and how the water comes in. We were allowed to lay on the side and dangle our arms down and check it out. Then, we were told to stay away from it (not quite on pain of death, but you get the idea). No playing in this area.

See, kids do listen when they’re told serious stuff.

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