Mower and willow PiedPark

Mower and willow tree (I think) posing today in Piedmont Park.

Yesterday’s relatively early post managed to miss the big news of the day under this roof. Or, actually, the news was aborning, but I/we hadn’t realized it.

Some time around 5:30PM, shortly before I blogged, we had a power hit. Then, when I tried to restart my desktop, it…um…didn’t restart, but tried, and finally, appeared to be almost there.

Long story short, the Guru made a rescue mission to a computery big box store out in Gwinnett Cobb, and came back with a solid state hard drive. Or something.

Shortly thereafter, I fell asleep on the couch while the Guru performed drive-replacement surgery on my machine.

Angst reigned as it…um…wasn’t enough.

Early afternoon today, the Guru had a lightning bolt idea, updated Safari to the latest version, and all is now well. And my machine is faster, quieter, and, well, working properly!

Time Machine did its thing, I want to report. If you don’t have a leetle hard drive sitting next to your Mac with Time Machine running, well, you’ll get what you deserve. I lost maybe five minutes worth of work. And that’s all.

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