Two-level container

2 tier egg container pkg

Carrier. Container. The side (shown here) and the top used different terms. Either way, you stack your devils if you buy one of these.

I didn’t.

Mental exercise: think back to pre-plastic days, when you had simple organic materials at hand. What did you do for containers? Most organic materials didn’t seal the way plastic does. What’s the impact of that? Submerging in salt water (think sauerkraut) or sealing in fat (a surface layer in a ceramic vessel)…that kinda sealed stuff. But a flexible plastic skin? Nothing like it. And…?

Now, eggs back in the day. Well, you could keep it at room temp, or hard boil it. I remember with great fondness boiled egg sandwiches we had the day long ago we toured Calakmul. Hit the spot!

Pardon for the wandering post; I could have…oh, never mind, I’ll save it to use in a day or two….

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  1. kayak woman says:

    I think the Grand Poohbah needs one of those double-decker thingies!