Rodent on a mission

Muskrat cleverly disguised

Unsure of how many critters would be out, we still made a mid-day, almost-spitting-rain visit to the Seney refuge. We saw an osprey (head of female incubating) in the nest, ubiquitous Canada geese (including goslings), trumpeter swans (including cygnets), many common loons—the usual assortment. The whiteboard on the visitor center noted wolf and beaver sightings in recent days.

Muskrat and waterborne

That’s her/him, in the foreground.

We spotted the more modest muskrat; what strong swimmers they are! Surprised to find us as s/he crossed our path en route to a different pool, s/he opted to continue, and cross the pool straight-line with no deviations, despite the distance to the next solid ground, an island over one hundred meters away.

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