Curry variation

Fakey fakey thai curry tofu

One fine benefit of being home is the different cooking resources—both ingredients and tools.

This is a fakey-fakey version of the tuna curry (in a lovely foil pack) that TJs has discontinued (comment on this deficiency on their website, if you’re a fan, and they may well bring it back; they did once before).

The common part is that it uses a Thai curry sauce that’s a TJ product.

The differences…um, tofu instead of tuna; small tomatoes instead of red pepper. The whole thing is goosed with Thai basil, fresh from the garden, along with some frozen peas, my favorite obvious “secret” ingredient these days….

Whole concoction: very much enjoyed.

I haven’t forgotten I have promised the radish recipe. Just trying to keep you coming back! ;-D

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  1. kayak woman says:

    I actually cried when I finally got back to my fave grokkery store after last winter’s odyssey. Felt reeeeeeaalllly stupid too! [wink]