Friend Fitbit

Lavender blooms n veg

The lavender I mentioned the other day…still with a lovely scent. And still reminds me of my grandmother’s flower garden.

A while back I decided I needed to do something I could perpetuate indefinitely about my physical health (well, all of my health, but focusing on that piece), and shortly after that I invested in a Fitbit*. It’s a high-tech pedometer (not GPS), and best for someone doing the 10K-steps-per-day thing, rather than wanting an accurate distance measurement—manual mapping on Google Earth rocks for that. (Fitbit cloud software records more than steps, but I’m currently focusing on steps, and general daily “effort.”)

Now, that’s me! The Fitbit approach is appropriate for how out of shape I am, and I’m liking it (both for the metrics and the mild, private incentivizing). As long as I do a walk of around 45 minutes, I can make the 10K mark most days.

* I got my Fitbit at REI, so I will get the member rebate next year; otherwise the gizmo is, let’s face it, overpriced.

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