Exit notes

Roissey sunset color

I know it’s trite to close with a fading light shot, but I found our last sunset on French soil moving as a signal of our upcoming transition.

Last view of French coast

Of course, one of the benefits of a daytime flight, cloud-cover permitting, is that you can see the ground below. This is our last view of France….

AirFrance return menu eng

And, in our slightly-upgraded-from-coach seats, oh, yum. Really. AirFrance can do airline food. (I had the boeuf; John had the Parmentier—both excellent).

Special thanks to my FIL for the ride home. And to JPB for checking the house and dragging the mail-pile away from the door—and sorting it!

Fantastic trip. Just super. Sad to leave. Glad to be home.

One of those understandable paradoxes.

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  1. Pooh says:

    Sure beats a bag of peanuts!