$1 vs (hidden) paperwork

Forwarding paperwork USPS

Change of address at the USPS is now modernized.

You can do it online. For a dollar.

I’m not kidding. A buck. “For verification,” I believe the form noted.

Or…you can do it on paper, sacrificing a gazillion percent more trees than is necessary for…advertising. And packaging.

And, with the free option, you get to wait in line for fifteen minutes for the two employees on duty to take care of the four people ahead of you in line…. Because the change-of-address cards are no longer in the public area.

I have absolutely no doubt about why the USPS is in poor financial straits these days.

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  1. kayak woman says:

    “My” PO branch has a couple of uscans that I have used numerous times to send packages. I almost never have to wait in line for one of those. People behind the counter there are friendly & usually pretty efficient but the counter is always understaffed and, given that a lot of people are CLUELESS about mailing things, the wait can be long.