Liquid finds (du Minervois)

Chateau du donjon 2008 red minervois

Now that some of the wine-geography of France makes more sense to me, I know just enough to ask for wine from specific regions that are a bit unusual for these parts (in the stores I shop in), that often seem to garner me a bit of respect from the store wine-stewards. Not that I ask merely to impress….

Up in MI recently, we were steered to a 2009 of this same Château du Donjon* red. From the Minervois AOC**. If you have an excellent memory and are a regular reader, you may remember that on 7 October we wandered the northern Minervois….

Here in ATL, the Guru tracked down the 2008 version of same. We will try it with our Sicily traveling companions tomorrow, I think….

* In English, a donjon is the fortified main tower of a castle complex. It’s from the French. I guess the “more” English word for that architectural feature would be keep. FWIW. Note that on our Minervois day, we did see several donjons. Is it okay if I say I miss France a tad? Happy holidays.

** And AOC means appellation d’origine contrôlée. Verrrry French.

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