Coffee station

Coffee station at GS

We didn’t expect the scout-space to have a coffee maker, and brought our own. My fellow volunteers are a thoughtful bunch! And the food they brought—yum!

Cold (outdoors—we were plenty toasty indoors) overnight. I walked over frozen ground and found frost on the windshield when I went out early to de-sham-lock the gate for our morning arrival.

Good meeting, well organized and guided; thoughtful participation (super yea!); easy to stay alert, and not just from coffee rations.

Still, I was VERY happy to leave a bit earlier than my fellow attendees, since my role has shifted and I’m no longer on the Board, and am merely a Committee Chair. (Here.)

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  1. out of town friend says:

    All us sgaers appreciate your service. Done that, been there, as they say. In anticipation of seeing you and that guru guy shortly, I have been cleaning up the campsite but you don’t have to camp out like a girl scout. Maybe just poke the fire, sample the grape, then climb the hill to the underground bunker!