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Giant sweet potato baby with wiggly eyes

I am so very happy to have good friends nearby but far enough away that we stay overnight and our laugh-filled visit is a tremendously fine and effective antidote for the sourness that crops up in the every-day world and rode on our shoulders as we traveled along the highway toward our destination.

I think we laughed for hours about this giant sweet potato, and that was even before the wiggly eyes got added.

That was last night. Today we talked, laughed more, but also covered some serious topics—no need to detail them.

We also strolled the north and south forties, which weren’t full forties so it wasn’t the tromp it sounds like. Still, the balm of the forest worked for me.

The art of the property extended beyond anthropomorphic sweeties, as you can see….

Thanks ever so much to our hosts for allowing us to transform into OOTFs, and for all the great good-times….

Yoga ball art w reflections

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  1. eggiwoman says:

    It was lovely meeting you, cooking and eating with you, laughing and all those other great things! Hope to do it again sometime!