Tale of a week

Daffy supine

We crowned the end of Cooking Week with…take-out. I didn’t plan it that way; I just ran out of steam by the time the afternoon wore on.

Last weekend was Group Cooking, with a strong measure of laughter and great fun.

During the week, we had The Great Lincoln/FIL Birthday, again a group-cook, and with great enjoyment and celebration.

We followed that with Heart-Day, always a pleasure. I mixed it up with some cooking and some reheat (yielding our version of surf and turf—fresh-sauteed Georgia shrimp plus great BBQ from WF, accented with my BBQ sauce), but still a cooking event. For two.


Undeniably tasty. Yet.

The flower honors the trust my neighbors put in me to back up their trailer in the driveway—two driveways, actually. I reached deep in my sense memory and managed to pull the exercise(s) off. Thank you, my strange work history, for giving me this highly specialized training….

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