Beltline news

I walked the Eastside Beltline today. I couldn’t face returning to Piedmont Park. You see…as I walked past a woman leaning on the railing looking at the lake, I thought, gee interesting pattern on her exercise tights. Then, I realized the pattern was tattoos visible through the tight-stretched material. I sped up, very glad she was facing the opposite direction.

Black cat piper box beltline

Black cat curled up sleeping in lower left culvert; mailbox upper center (squint; look for orange).

Lots of animal evidence along the Beltline. I saw big horseshoe prints. I saw the black cat that lives at the hard-rain-overflow well (he’s got a new teensy mailbox—name on it: Piper). I saw lots of dog tracks, some muddy. I saw lots of robins and some other small birds. I saw skateboarders and skaters. No oxen or tigers. I smelled pigs. Well, pig excrement—the Trees Atlanta people were busy.

Trees atlanta tilling pig crap

Rumor has it, they were preparing to plant a sea of oats. (Refer to twitter feed.)


  1. Sherry says:

    So the way to scare you off is excessive tattoos?

  2. OOTF says:

    We read about a woman’s tats behind tights, but we see a cat sleeping in a culvert. Come on, give us the picture. Or maybe not!!