Severe art-deco

Cin union terminal

Sometimes Art Deco pieces look so cold to me. Like this sun-moment at the Cincinnati Union Terminal; even the sun couldn’t cut the formality and severity of the design.

To me, anyway….


  1. Pam J. says:

    “Cold” sounds like a such a harsh description, as does “formal” and “severe.” But, to me, art deco is so beautiful. I guess that means my brain translates cold, formal, and severe into beauty. The human brain is very, very complicated. Nice picture!

  2. Sammy says:

    Mostly I love art-deco period design; I think I found the same-color matte-finish stone unappealing…hard to say what triggered the negative in me…maybe I was just hungry (haha). Certainly, my reaction surprised me….

  3. Maureen Meyers says:

    I went to a fancy swanky party there, hosted by my company, about 10 years ago. It’s interesting but formal/severe inside and out. At least what I remember…