Maize of color

Red maize cob trio

When I was shopping for dinner groceries:

Red maize eaten

Fact 1: we hadn’t had any corn-on-the-cob yet this summer.

Fact 2: I read an article recently about how many more micro-nutrients are in plants of color than in highly bred low-color varieties.

Fact 3: I needed a starch for the menu, and we’ve had rice and potatoes many times recently.

Fact 4: no kidding—$6 for five ears. (I hear opportunity knocking for serious gardeners.)

And, my heavens, was that red maize tasty! All the way to the cob. (Red cob.)

And, yes, a splurge, but ya gotta do that once in a while—if you at all can—in some form or another….


  1. kayak woman says:

    Food is always worth splurging on!

  2. Sherry says:

    That close up looks like pomegranate seeds! I agree that food is also worth slurging on. :). Good booze is too!