We were slugs?

Those fleurs n buds

Did we watch half the Dawgs game…because it was overcast? …because relatives were in the stadium?

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  1. kayak woman says:

    I dunno what the Dawgs are but I have relatives at both the Packers and Lions games today. The Lions game is on but I’m (of course) not watching it. Couldn’t find the Packers. There was a meme going around on facebook that I actually read (part of (I hate memes with a passion)) about why an old fart should choose a 40-something girlfriend instead of a cute 20-something. The only point that I remember is that a 40-something will not whine if you want to watch sports. She’ll be glad to be rid of you and go do something else — and it’ll be more interesting than whatever it is you’re watching. Indeed.