Food dicho*

Savory herring

Love the Mother Russia sentiment at the top: “make youre day savoury” (spell check is on edge about two of the words).

There are worse words to live by…but I’m not sure I’d turn to oily herring steaks to make my life more savory, at least not first. Or second. Or third….

* Dicho is Spanish for saying/adage. Like “don’t count your chickens…” and “takes one to know one,” that kind of thing.


  1. Spinner's End Farm says:

    I too like the saying…but herring steaks don’t come to mind at all when I think of savoury! Cheese ALWAYS does though….hence the extra baggage I’m accumulating.

  2. OOTF says:

    But it’s “in sunflower oil” so it’s got to be good for you. Right?