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Tin reflections

Given how much talk is floating around about how healthy it is to use a standing desk—or, with the addition of more $$, a treadmill desk—there are surprisingly few options offered…via googling and amazon…in the marketplace.

Lacking obvious choices at under $800 (!!, or $1300, or??!!), we’re off to Eye-Key-Ahhhhhh on Monday. Probably to find something that will function as a raised surface to add atop my current desktop. Which is really a table. (Long story.)

Still, if I were in the mood to Shark Tank into the furniture business, it would be with a standing desk, adjustable, with a two-level work surface, one level for the keyboard…and “materials”…and another for the monitor (monitors, in many cases) to sit on, at the proper eye-level.

It’s not simple: see this UofM webpage (love the photo; off to find brand-new, clean seee-ment blocks haha).


  1. kayak woman says:

    I don’t have a standing desk but I stand at the kitchen counter and use my computer a lot.

  2. Pooh says:

    At the quilting retreat I went to this weekend, they used bed risers to raise some of the tables about 6″ for cutting and laying out.