“City paralyzed”

Snow bench

We trotted out all our slick-walking strategies (e.g., stick to snowy edges where the footing is better (when it is); take teensy steps to keep your balance…), and wandered the neighborhood during the “heat of the afternoon” looking for sunny spots (that were less slippery—and warmer). Above freezing (at least in the sun), and blacktop meant some reversal of the traffic-stopping conditions. Temporarily anyway.

Yeah, not tough for the Midwest (thank you, S—and W!!, the star!), but paralyzing for this area.

We’ll awaken tomorrow and look for some global-warming.


  1. kayak woman says:

    I’d give you my standard (and unsolicited) ice-walking advice, “get some YakTrax” but by the time they arrived, it’ll probably be 60 down there.

  2. Sherry says:

    Well….it isn’t called climate change for no reason! (Wow….does that double negative work? I’ve had a glass of wine and might be muddled). i would like to say I can see April on the horizon but February is looming and in the way.