Fingers crossed

Sleet rounded steps

We did venture out for a short walk, temps around freezing (conditions: partly melty and mostly frozen), wind not strong but biting. Sleet most of the day, just started picking up. We still have power and internet (rah!).

Hoping overnight temps don’t plunge, nor do any nearby trees and large branches.

A few icicles, but pretty short, as icicles go. Increase in precip means things will get icier, so, holding breath.

HB from afar to my FIL. We’ll fête you in a few days!

Couldn’t decide on photo so am presenting still life two ways.

Iced camellia

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  1. Sherry says:

    Good luck! We’ve had our warmest day in a few weeks…24 degrees…who Hoo! Now back to the same old grind.