IKEA project = trash

IKEA trash

This is just some of the cardboard and packing materials from the two boxes that the table was packaged in. Fortunately, we can recycle the cardboard and paper.

I tipped past the pre-productive state of paralysis and the Guru and I “made” my new desk. In IKEA-ese, it’s a high table (bar height). The Guru adjusted his hand-me-down computer, so I have new technology (bigger! faster!) set up on my new desk. Interestingly, I’ve adjusted the screens up, then down a bit, then down a bit again (in D-2 tape box increments), I think in part due to my trifocals. (We’ll see if I adjust again tomorrow.)

Report to date: loving it!

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  1. Sherry says:

    I think a PhD in packaging would have made is rich!