HB, N!


Low light + no flash = snapshot

Most of my life, I’ve been around lots of people born in the late winter/spring season. This is our Pi Day gal. Loving the double tiaras (one with flashing lights) and Mardi Gras beads! Actually they all came from the Great Basket of Gifts (really two baskets!). She had as many small giftees to open as she now has years!

Great hosting by J&C; thanks! We had such fun! And good eats.


  1. kayak woman says:

    Love the tiaras! Froggy dredged out his special mardi gras beads for St. Pat’s Day (aka Take Yer Frog T’ Werk Day). They’re green ones with big “kiss me” lips.

  2. Sammy says:

    Now that’s just a lovely image, festooned Froggy!