Tent under oaks Spn moss

Our overnight setup. Still breezy at dusk, but we’ll be toasty.

Took the boardwalk trail at Okefenokee, and saw many types of critters. Not that many insects (thankfully!), but they were there. Watched a pair of orange-billed brown-feathered ibises (not sure what the “name” is) for quite a while. Watched a pair of raccoons come down the boardwalk toward us, then head off in the bush (interesting dismount from the boardwalk, using the edge detail as a “hand”hold). Also saw a singlet, and wet tracks of another. Didn’t expect raccoons! Also saw a blacksnake (not sure what kind) in the water; not poisonous. A leopard frog (big). Anole. Turtles (high humpy smooth shells; pretty big). Minnows (well, small fishies). White egrets and herons, several species.

We saw ‘gators on the way in, sunning. That reptile thing. (Okay, only two, but still: gators! dinosaurs—essentially!)

Driving, later in the day but still day and not dusk, we saw a black critter, not sure what, disappearing into the brush. Didn’t see head/face. Furry tail. Body size medium. Black. Closer to the ground than a dog, and fluffier tail. John said he thought it most like a small black long-tailed bear. I thought: not sure WHAT.

Fingers crossed; no skeeters or ticks. (Yet.) Fingers very crossed!


  1. Ol' WD says:

    Yup, sounds like a rare long-tailed brush bear.
    Y’all better check yourselves carefully for ticks, as you’ve been to Smarr recently where they just fall out of the sky!

  2. Sammy says:

    Still LOL about rare LTBB.