Pine pollen report

Pine pollen awash

The rains have begun, and the pine pollen is cresting along the sidewalk cracks, and washing into the storm drains.

We’re to get serious rain—we are under a flood watch until 2AM Tuesday. That’s TUESDAY.

On the other hand, when we reach Tuesday, the pine pollen will be…downstream…and no longer airborne.


  1. Ol' WD says:

    But, I’m downstream! Cough, hack, wheeze!!!
    How long ’till it washes out at Up the Creek? 100 Years?

  2. Sammy says:

    I’d think it’d be faster than a century, especially now that the Eagle & Phenix Dam isn’t slowing the water down!

  3. Ol' WD says:

    Maybe only a day or two after all that rain yesterday and today! Finally washed our pollen grains downstream too. Yea!