Noting…this and that

2 cocktails n glif

Note the Glif package squeezed in there—it’s a very useful aid for…improving…iPhone photography….

This is Tax Day, which we may agree is a “necessary” holiday. For that reason, tip a cocktail to the deities of…taxiness…or governmentalism, or…bureaucracy. Something….

Dogwood petals grounded

From the mundane world…here’s what the rain gave us as of this morning…petals on the ground.

On the assumption that mentioning it will prolong it, I will not discuss that the rain turned into wind…which I’m sure works with gravity to bring down more plant parts…. I admit it; I’m putting my head under a newspaper, metaphorically, as our guinea pigs did literally when I was a youngster and the cat went to sleep in their cage/box.

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  1. Pooh says:

    Our guinea pigs used to love the Frango boxes. (Empty ones, let’s be clear.) They’d hide their heads in the box, but apparently didn’t realize or care that their wide rear ends were still exposed.