Fringed wall art

Upsidedown deer head art

Customarily, on Friday evenings we’re homebodies. Tonight we ventured out. We saw ART. SCAD art. Specifically, the SCADpads.

I’d hate to say this to Them, but the art I most enjoyed was Mother Nature’s sunset….

This architectural detail from one of the pads I found disturbing not for the windings, but for being upside down.


  1. Pooh says:

    I’ve been seeing lots of small house ideas lately on the interwebs. Some cities are even looking at really tiny houses as a solution for homeless people. I realize this is a school of art and design, but I found most of the pictured designs overwrought. That small a space seems smaller with the cluttered designs. The one with the green carpet was my favorite.

  2. Sammy says:

    The SCADpads are more art than architectural design. They are boxes crammed full of design, as you note…. They wouldn’t work as homes—very little storage for clothing, food, for example. They are more bedroom-toilet units, dependent on the surrounding external space for socializing and…life.

  3. kayak woman says:

    I find the “tiny home” “movement” (or whatever you want to call it) fascinating and inspiring overall. I know that I could probably not live in a 200 square-foot dwelling but I can *certainly* live very well in my own little 60s suburban ranch / what-ever-it-is house. Two banker’s boxes over to the Kiwanis this morning and maybe more? We’ll see what the GG decides to get rid of… Chinking away at the hoard.