Wait five minutes

Harebell DOF

I think of this as a harebell, but I have scrutinized the flower ID book, and it may be the gone-wild cousin, the common garden bellflower, with lanceolate leaves.

This and that chores this morning—like whacking back the grass and weeds around the “garden-let.” Probably more on that another day.

Mid-afternoon, we began hearing thunder. Over quite some time the sky went from bright to quiet raindrops, and then overcast.

It was drippy-droppy rain, the kind the Botanist would have said was a “light, soaking rain.” It lasted the best part of an hour, and cooled things off.

After another hour or so, the sun is back out, the temps have risen, and only a few droplets remain here and there. Well, plus the garden soil is damp (aka sticky)…meaning tomorrow would be a good day for a bout of weeding and plant-submission activities.

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