All aboard!

Delta humor

In their current safety video (how to fasten seat belts, etc.), Delta has injected plenty of humor. This frame accompanies a discussion regarding carrying pets on board….

Delta heart chocolate

Delta not only gave us a sweet-heart, the flight was pretty much on time and only one toilet broke in flight (that I noticed). In the spirit of all the public transportation we’ve been taking—and the fact that our arrival aligned with rush hour—we took (S)MARTA home. Of course, the train is pretty zip-zip, and the bus route is a bit loopier and there’re extra stops, but all in all it was a win.

As to airport observations: we experienced a LOT of bus links and corridor strolls—mostly because of airport expansions that couldn’t totally be integrated into the existing patterns. The automated passport recorders were…a bit big-brother (not really surprised; just a bit creepy to endure).

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