Chain of evidence

Light candlesticks still life

I think I’ve posted a photo of this corner before. The late afternoon light (and we had maybe four minutes of that) illuminates it in a nice way; this is after the sun-brightness faded, unfortunately (fumbled on getting the right camera primed).

A half-hour ago, the sky was darkened by big flakes. Now it’s clear, especially to the south (“bad” weather comes from the northwest, usually), where I even see a few small, puffy clouds with pink tops. Still, the temps are dropping, and will continue to do so through the night, we hear. Good thing I cleaned the ashes out of the stove.

Yeah, the stove was doing a poor job of drawing yesterday (like nearly none at all), and I futzed around with the problem, and finally figured out that I needed to do that chore and open up the grate at the bottom of the firebox in the process. I should have known; the ash bucket in the outhouse was nearly empty!

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