New market

Sides of mammal

We checked out the new market over on Krog Street this afternoon. It’s an open warehouse space, with a wide aisle that passes by relatively small retail areas in the center or around the outside of the whole space—all under one roof overall arranged in a big rectangle.

The photo is from the Spotted Trotter‘s aging cooler; their beef kielbasa caught our eye for…next time.

The highlight was making late-lunch/early-dinner selections at Yalla, for take out. The cuisine is Middle Eastern, and the flavors are fantastic. I’ll be back! We’ll be back!

We resisted making purchases at Jeni’s ice cream (chain based in Ohio), although we tasted about five flavors—my favorite: lavender berry—and a gorgeous color, too! We also by-passed The Little Tart Bake Shop—VERY difficult to…keep…feet…moving….

However, we did buy goodies at Xocolatl (how could we skip that!).

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  1. James says:

    Spotted Trotter – Genoa sausage at $35/lbs is insane. It may be good, but in the long run, it’s just sausage.