Photo-notes from a not-rainy day

Abandoned industrial ice cooling

Found this derelict cooling facility that made an ice-company’s insulated rooms cold…while wandering the not-yet-abandoned industrial district of a contracting second-order (maybe third?) central place in the rural south….

Playin trains

Do you remember having concentration like this? When playing on the floor was a natural thing and your knees didn’t creak….

Paper pachisi

More evidence of concentration, this time by the elder offspring in the family we’re visiting…make your own board game! And you should see her pencil sketches…such talent! I’m in awe….


  1. kayak woman says:

    Not particularly a fan of playing board games (sore loser 😉 ) but looooove this one!

  2. Manette says:

    Parcheesi, my favorite! Very cool they made their own.