Plant wrangling

Viburnum I think


Basil being planted

I brought these in, a casualty of trimming back the now-aggressive Cherokee rose*, and other nearby woody shrubs.

While the Guru brought the wildness back under control, I shifted to the front garden, finally getting the plants we bought last week into the ground. Two kinds of basil, two of tomatoes (heirloom and an early variety), and one pepper (not sure why I didn’t get a pair of them…that was the pattern, after all…).

* I was excited to get this plant, years ago, from the BotGarden, when they still sold plants…. Then it did little, other than staying alive. After more than a decade, it took off, and now that the big tree above is gone, whew, I’ll have to reshape it and bring it “under control.” And, I’ve also discovered it’s an invasive plant. Trust the state of Georgia to pick an invasive plant as the state flower.

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