Diversity day…

Cattail CU

There was a friends’-arrive. There was a Alon’s-sandwich-interlude. And then we wandered Piedmont Park and the ABG. Major wandering….

The ABG has eliminated the orchid extravagance that they installed post-Xmas, and is in the process of installing the next extravaganza, which, the signs indicated, is not to be photographed. (Are they nuts? What reality do The Deciders live in?) Anyway, it seems to be night-oriented as every part of the “next extravaganza” that we saw involved optic fiber and seemed to be oriented to a nightly “show.”

Sorry, that’s all I have, it’s the coughing phase* of my daily pattern….

Soooooo glad the visitors are here!

* Yes, though I’m still coughing, I AM MUCH BETTER!

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