Tale of bridges

We crossed many bridges today. Uncounted. Including two very large ones.

Zilwaukee bridge

This is a large free one, with an extremely checkered construction history. The internet indicates that the latest problem has been “bridge bearings.” I wonder what they are.

Big bridge

This one is a toll (not tool) bridge, also high enough that lake freighters can pass beneath safely. This one has not been plagued by construction problems, but during the summer you can assume that one lane (aka carriage-way) each way will be closed to make room for the workers and equipment necessary to repaint exposed metal, including underneath the vehicles.

Unusual in our experience, only two cash toll (not tool) booths were open. There’s now a transponder option, also two lanes, but I didn’t see a single vehicle do that while we were in line. Times change slowly?

One comment

  1. kayak woman says:

    They just implemented the transponder and new software at the Big Mac (since Memorial weekend) so maybe not too many people are enabled to use it yet. We will certainly use it if possible. Already have commuter cards.