Porch redecorating

Back porch entry area upgrade

Even if you’ve been in this space, you probably don’t recognize it.

This is the entry area of the back porch. Which is the back porch if you think of the side of the cottage facing the water as the front. If, however, you think of the main entry/door as the front, it’s the front porch—there’s only one door to the whole building.

In either case, we’ve added new rugs, indoor/outdoor that can be taken outdoors and hosed off for a serious cleaning. We also brought the long chest in the back right downstairs to make a seating area for shoe removal/replacement. So that’s new to the porch. I love the shade of blue of the box and the oxblood lid. I think my dad (not a woodworker by preference) made it for blanket storage and as a linen closet. It’s been years since we used it that way, however. It IS rodent-proof.

We’ve also begun reorganizing the functional activity areas farther back on the porch. More on that to come.


  1. kayak woman says:

    Looking good and I “vote” for back porch!

  2. Manette says:

    I remember many a bathing suit being stored in that chest. It was always a mystery to figure out which suit would fit for a given year. Until I got older and actually bought my own that is….

  3. Sammy says:

    Yes! Bathing suits! I remember now…like a dress-up box….