Building fact and surmise

Courtroom partly remodeled

Buildings hold stories.

Not sure about this one’s. The building’s been remodeled at least twice. Built in the late 1800s, the first refurbishment I know about was in the CCC days. The second was…after the movie “Fried Green Tomatoes” was shot…. The bench-pews are original. The tin ceiling. The supports for the balcony. The carpeting, other woodwork, light fixtures…replaced in the last go-round.

Exterior moulding

Exterior paint is fresh, yet the ever-present arachnids are fast to recolonize.

Stair sign

Braile and everything on this helpful sign: “Stair” (and nothing more). Meets federal requirements.

Pike County is not the most prosperous; hence, the brick exterior and wood-not-stone details inside. The main entry door does have a covered portico with marble-square flooring; so, they did work some in, maybe in the 1930s.

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