Fog, then sun

PCM in fog

Should “one” have a “big thought” every day? Even stretching, I can’t manufacture one from today.

I did see a very foggy morning…on an early milk run…so I could create my second cuppa. This is the crane on the south side of the Ponce City Market in the heavy fog we had in the pre-dawn hours.

Dos pink camellias

Later, the sun gave us a high, I heard, of 76°F. Waaaaay above normal (the low 50s). While I loved the warm, sunny, toasty afternoon, I also was a tad queasy. Such weather anomalies suggest the climate is off-kilter, and that has negative implications for many, many people, and for our global political economy.

My stretch…to connect (pink) flowers to El Niño…and more.

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