On the street

Paradise motors

I found a mildewed low-end sedan with Michigan license plate and this sticker, and a Marines front plate. I thought: Paradise is too small for a dealership, but maybe it had a used-car lot? G__gling suggests the sticker refers to a downstate business. Ah, well.

Street volleyball

This visual could also inspire a short-story. Usually the curbside sports equipment are basketball nets; this is the first volleyball I remember seeing. Different ball-handling….


  1. Mary Jo says:

    That’s a tetherball; a game in which two people use their hands or paddles to hit a ball suspended on a cord from an upright post, the winner being the first person to wind the cord completely around the post. I never played it but I’ve seen them around.

  2. Sammy says:

    Oooooops. Yes, TETHERball. Brain-fa__. Yikes. Thanks for the correction…. I have played it, at least on the playground and in our side yard. Not my fave, but not my least-fave….