Floral uplift

Apple blossom cloud

Coming through PiedPk, we periodically found ourselves drenched the scent of apple-blossoms. I call this shot apple blossom cloud. Different kind of cloud than I’m usually dealing with….

Mostly, we roamed the ABG. We saw the Orchid Show—which was only the section winners, and kinda strange (best books, best arrangement…some seemed off-point to me). We saw the snapping turtle with his mouth open underwater (he’s been frisky this winter/spring)—only photo is…mostly reflection, so I haven’t presented it.

Tulips red whte

The bulbs are their own show, although the choice to plant all tulip beds with two colors struck me as…a different kind of staid, and too similar to monochromatic in perceived energy levels. Not sure why.

Purple hyacinth pot ABG

The Chihuly atop the fountain was gone, we figured in prep for the bigger show that’s coming in April. Then we found the armature and pieces disassembled and laid out across the floor of one of the rental rooms. Problem solved.

Spidery azalea

I didn’t find the label on this but assume it’s some azalea variant with thin, spidery petals. Looked distorted. But still pretty.

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  1. kayak woman says:

    What app is used on the middle photos? Feel like I know this but can’t form the correct query to retrieve it [insert pig nose here].