Made the rounds

Lady and leafing out

It is leafing-out time. Last week, just a hint of green in the trees. Look at them now!

Delicate iris beardedmaybe

And the delicate early-spring blooms are nearing the end of their rotation. Love irises. Should the plural really be “iri”? Better in poetry?

Savoy cabbage

Over in the fancy, decorative veg-garden at the ABG, the last of the overwintering species are hanging on, although the kale is getting leggy.

ABG small orchid

Here’s a small specimen from the showy and not-so-showy orchids scattered amongst the greenery and other-season plants in the conservatories. I’m not usually a pink person, but the shades in this one take my breath away.

Redwood bonsai

The bonsai society held down the show-room, along with vendors of Japanese display rocks and the proper low tables for bonsai display. Here’s a closeup of the stems of…get this!…REDWOODS. What patience to create and maintain this miniature tree-garden!

ABG tools new restaurant

The architectural changes are beginning to show, also. The hidey-walls are coming down and we can see more than just the upper story of the new restaurant. We are told it is to be open along with the new Chihuly exhibit at the end of April.

Just a few hours at the Atlanta BotGarden….

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