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Morning gate

On the light side, I left early-ish (just after nine) headed for The Real Bakery (driving), and I was amazed that the car was cranking out warm air—outside temp was a mere 72°F. Of all things. Cold spell, I thought. [High eventually over 90°F, so only in the morning.]

On the national political side, the term “alt-right” surfaced in my brain for the first time. What is that?, I asked The Guru. Smokescreen for white racism, he said (approximately). Sheesh, I thought.

I was going to call this entry “Two sides” and then discuss that we could only see one gate in this photo (plus a version of the text above)…but somehow I didn’t find that…feisty…enough. Feisty in quotes, essentially. So the actual title is a bit of a punt, but it is late and I am weighed down by today’s USA political news.

This title…hmm. It made sense to me when I typed it. Give me a break? 💚😎

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  1. kayak woman says:

    I think alt-right surfaced simultaneously for me. When did it become a thing? Don’t bother trying to answer that. Someone on NPR was about to define it on my way to Cubelandia this AM and I was all ears until… I got distracted… By what? Other thoughts. Maybe that before I woke up, I dreamed that Tin Foil Hat Guy had lined the walls of our already cramped bedroom with old shelving units from our parents’ stuff, including an old REFRIGERATOR from the OLD Houghton Lake cabin.

    One of The Rules of Blahgging is that the title doesn’t have to match the content or even make any sense.