Archeo wine

We watched the Apple presentation today—a test of our consumerism levels.

I tried to get fired up about the new version of the watch (which I thought I might want prior to learning the details), but couldn’t quite see how I’d benefit/enjoy commensurate with the investment. Plus, I can’t figure out if I could wear it on the inside of my wrist…which I think I’d prefer.

For about fifteen minutes I got fired up about the new camera…umhem…phone. But by far the more interesting camera is on the oversized (and more expensive) model, and that seems just a bit finger-spanning for my hands.

The upshot is we had a passing spell of consumer lust, and are now quite happy with our still-fancy (not merely serviceable) older models (even without the faster chips they now rock).

Oh, and we’re going to start seeing the cordless bluetooth ear-pods (technically AirPods; I heard ear-pods; amazing what you can discover by searching the internet/written word) in the drifts of human detritus. At $159 PLUS TAX the pair. Just not going to be easy to keep track of them…and the presentation seemed to suggest that they may not tolerate exercising (bouncing about)…. A bunch of reasons to just use the lightning adapter for the 20th-C-style earbuds, etc.

Still, I had fun watching the show, credit card safely packed away even now, hours later.

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