Ohio subset of our day

Ohio capital

The story I heard about Ohio’s dome-less capital is that the state ordered then couldn’t pay for its dome, which then was sold to Georgia. Certainly, this building looks like it’s missing verticality.

I didn’t set out to have an Ohio theme today, but that’s what I have the best pictures of. Busy day, with lots going on.

I can also mention that somewhere on US2, the “new” car hit 10K miles. It was 7:54am, and the temperature outside was 51°F and the average gas consumption for all those miles clocked in at 58.0 mpg. That wasn’t all the fuel; we also plugged in for an electric boost for quite a few of those miles.

Ohio River bridge US50

Near Parkersburg WV are several bridges across the Ohio River. This is a newish one.

Ohio River bridge at Parkersburg

This one’s a bit older; the vehicle bridge is closer to me, and the railroad bridge is behind it.

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