Swirly auto

We’ve seen a few vehicles with these obscuring paint jobs (maybe wraps not paint per se)—semi-secret, I guess you’d say. Always before, we’ve seen them within 50 miles of Detroit.

Not this one. Midwest, but not near Detroit.

Woodgrain pin

I didn’t mean this to be a confusing what-is-it photo, but I guess it is without context. This is the corner piece of a wooden handrail, with an elegant metal peg keeping the two pieces attached.

Love the dissected wood grain.

Courthouse and

And: golden hour!

Another courthouse: note the cannon in the lower right. [Identify by light illuminating the hub and spokes of one wheel?]

Wars mentioned on the memorial’s plaque are Mexican War, War for the Union (this one goes by many names), and Spanish American. The memorial is called “County Tribute to Her Heroic Dead.” Sobering.

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