Activity area analysis

Shelf fungi

Here’s another reason not to go the McMansion route, and stick to more compact housing: the distance from activity area to activity area is by definition less, and so it takes less effort to get around.

At present, my activity area is relatively circumscribed, and within reach are power cords and assorted electronica, scissors, wastebasket, remotes, that kind of thing….

Normally, I circulate among many activity areas in the house…kitchen work stations, chore loci, online work stations…. In both old and new modes, I still navigate to the bathroom. That is a victory in today’s wee world.

Archaeologists use the term “activity area” to discuss the way people used a domestic zone, that kind of thing. They are identified by clusters of remains that would have been used in concert. Some are subtle, for example, tools and greasy soil chemistry related to butchery and hide processing. Others are more obvious…the stone flakes from reducing larger pieces of stone into smaller, shaped tools.

We all have our activity areas!

We have the kindest, most generous neighbors…thanks one and all.

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